Training Times

Junior Rowers

Training for junior rowers is from 4:30pm – 6:30pm Tuesdays and Thursdays. During these trainings the rowers do a number of things including stationary rowing on ergo machines, on the water training in row boats, gym work, cardio and weight and circuits training. All  trainings are supervised by the Coach and Captain.

Rowers are encouraged to bring a change of sports clothes, a water bottle, sunscreen and any medication they may need (asthma puffers, muscle treatments, straps and knee braces, etc.) The boatshed offers a fully working kitchen with fridges for the rowers to store water bottles and any food they  bring. Rowers are able to make hot and cold drinks, prepare food and purchase water and other drinks from the club.

The rowing club contains male and female toilets and change rooms, with hot showers and secure facilities for rowers to put their belongings while they’re training.

Master  Rowers

Murray Bridge has long been the home of a strong masters rowing program. A rower is considered a masters rower above the age of 27. It is not uncommon for people to row into their 70’s or 80’s. Maintaining physical strength and social interactions has been directly associated with positive ageing and wellbeing into our middle and senior years. Rowing is a great activity for a wide range of ages.

Masters  rowers train  from 4:30pm – 6:30pm Wednesdays and Fridays.

These trainings are usually self-run by the masters rowers. All rowers have access to the same activities and facilities during their trainings. The masters rowers compete regularly at regattas, however it is a personal choice as to when and where rowers compete.

Junior rowers are also able to train on these days if the chose to do so. However, the coach is not obliged to coach the junior rowers on these days.

Sunday Trainings

On Sundays all rowers are able to train from 7:00am. Master rowers usually begin at 7:00am and Junior rowers at 9:00am. Departing/finishing times are not set at a certain time but many rowers will leave around 11:00am.